Places of Interest – Weskus

Places of Interest – Weskus


7 thoughts on “Places of Interest – Weskus

      • Hello guys. See you talking about me, indeed Sir Adriano Folsch, Mayor of Folschbay. Where do I find these photos, at which pub???? Nice surprise. How you doing Peter?


      • Hey Adrian. Yes, we were talking about you as Eagle-eye Quintin spotted you in the pub. I am very well thanks. How are you doing and where are you working?


      • HI Peter, we are all very well. Im now Dealer Principal of Auric Auto BMW in Claremont, joined them last year November. Going well, big ship to steer, i enjoyed the Mercedes Benz brand, but when Eric Scoble asked me to come run his dealership, very difficult to say no.

        What is your e-mail address, and where do i find this photo of the Mayor in a Pub.

        Send my love to Verine and Donna Taylor, trust they are both well. Its time we all had a re-union, has been way to long.


  1. Hi Adrian, that sounds great, glad to hear you are back with the brand. The story (pub, pictures etc) are right on top of this page. If you scroll all the way up and click on the red “Places of Interest – Weskus” (not the grey heading in the centre of the page) the story should open and you can read all about our mal jol we had at Cape Columbine amongst other things.
    Good to hear from you and send regards to Lindsey and the boys.


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