Places of Interest – Leydsdorp

Places of Interest – Leydsdorp


4 thoughts on “Places of Interest – Leydsdorp

  1. So mal Jan lived on his own in this verlate dorpie? What did he survive on? If tourists don’t go there? probably sale of his whips?? I was in Pilgrims not so long ago, become a real tourist street. Even the hotel is for the breakfast bikers, and lots of tacky Chinese stuff to buy. So to compare your and my pics is quiet interesting.


    • Don’t know what he did for survival but he had a lot of chickens (don’t know whether he ate them because they were like pets and popped up when he called them) so he definitely had eggs and maybe he slagged one every now and then. Isabella probably supplied milk. I doubt if he could survive on his whip sales, hell, I bought one. It couldn’t have been enough to live on.
      Yip how everything has become so commercialised in this modern era. All our old icons are fading away.
      Cheers and thanks for reading.


  2. Very interesting Peter, I didn’t even know’ Leydsdorp existed – lets buy the whole town (should be cheap) and start a larny lodge or something, or sell it to Shell to frack up ! I used to rep the Eastern Transvaal for Dunlop Tires in the mid 70’s and know Pelgrims, Sabie, Nelspruit, Waterval Bo en Onder, Gravelot and seen many rally’s those days on the roads in your pictures. Oh…bring back those carefree days !!!
    Regards to all
    Danie – George


    • Hi Danie, you can just imagine the conversation when we were there. It was exactly as you say. We had big visions of taking over the whole town. Yip, the good old carefree days.
      Thanks and regards that side as well.
      Keep well.


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