Trip to Underberg

“Click here” – Trip to Underberg


4 thoughts on “Trip to Underberg

  1. very interesting trip report peter, just reading it one can only imagine how it feels to just TRAVEL, and see interesting places and people…i say again, one day when i grow up…..
    regards to all
    danie / alida

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    • Thanks Danie. Yip, one day’s one day. There is still so much to see just in our own country. If only we had the money to explore to our hearts content. Wouldn’t that be lovely.
      Dankie en groete daar vir julle ook.


  2. Hey Pete, another very interesting read having visited more of the real outback of SA.
    You were very daring with some of the terrain challenges you guy’s encountered.
    Underberg’s take of the Woodstock festival looked a lot of fun (if you managed to stay dry).
    We spent many weekends on the Transkei coast when we lived in EL, and I would highly recommend that the next time you plan a trip to consider visiting the East Coast resort villages between EL and Wavecrest seeing you so enjoyed the Hole in the Wall. It’s a magnificent stretch of coastline made that much more interesting if you could load an offroad bike on the back of your Kombi.
    Look forward to reading about your next adventure.


  3. Thanks QP yes it was really an amazing trip with lots of interesting and exciting things going on.
    We have done a little bit of the area you mention which gets acknowledged in another trip we did so watch this space. However I will be the first to admit that I haven’t seen nearly enough of that area.
    We did do a trip many years ago with my offroad bike behind my van and I will never forget that they banned us from Kenton-on-Sea totally saying we were not welcome because of our bikes. What a joke! I vowed then and there to never spend a cent in that town and although we have been through there many times, I have stuck to my word. Maybe I will write a story on that trip one day.
    Cheers and thanks for reading.


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