Rejuvenated Places of Interest – Leydsdorp

While watching the news tonight we were intrigued to hear that the Northern Province has just realised that they have a tourist opportunity in their province that no one has capitalised on. They have a town in their province called Leydsdorp and they have just struck on the idea that they have a gem here.

Well, we were there way back in the ’80’s sometime and we thought so then already and I posted a story right here on WordPress in February 2015 about a trip we did to that magical little ghost town. So I thought that it would be a good idea to re-post that story again for those that missed it and for those that need to refresh the memory banks.

It really is a lovely part of our country and hopefully we can visit there again sometime in the foreseeable future.

“Click here for the story” places-of-interest-leydsdorp


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